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Altair Radioss 2019 offers a new multi-material for Arbitrary Lagrangian‐Eulerian (ALE) applications, which is compatible with all Equation of State (EOS), any fluid ALE material, and can be used with brick or linear tetrahedron elements. This material uses a new Finite Volume Method solver which is simple to use, faster, more accurate, and ensures energy conservation.

Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability

Available for 2D axisymmetric and planar analysis with 3 node or 4 node solid elements, the necessary boundary conditions, fluid structure contact interfaces and initialization options are supported in this material law.

New results mapping options from 1D or 2D to 2D or 3D models are also available for new multi-material /MAT/LAW151.

1D function mapped on a 3D solid mesh (Spherical mapping)

Under water explosion (UNDEX) can now be computed using the Boundary Element Method (BEM). Without a fluid mesh, this option enables the pressure field on a wet surface structure to a far-field underwater explosion to be computed.

Structure deformation results from Under Water Explosion analysis with Boundary Element Method (BEM)

Many performance improvements, stability, and better edge treatment have been implemented for the contact interface (/INTER/TYPE24), which is dedicated to the electronics and consumer goods market (models dominantly meshed with solid elements). For the same kind of applications, tied contact /INTER/TYPE2 is also improved.

The node to surface contact interface /INTER/TYPE25 with constant stiffness now uses less CPU power and computer memory. The handling of contact gaps for meshes with a thickness bigger than the mesh size has also been improved.

For easier use of the Barlat Yld2000 material law, Lankford parameters 0°, 45°, 90°-directions, along with biaxial loading can be set directly.

For submodels, more options are available, along with the ability to define them within other submodels.


자동 에어백 부피 메싱을 위해 향상된 기능 폼 셀 내부 공기 움직임을 고려한 LAW77 멀티스케일 디자이너와 라디오스 간의 직접 커플링 라디오스에서 플라이 기반 모델링 직접 지원
자동 에어백 부피 메싱을 위해 향상된 기능 폼 셀 내부 공기 움직임을 고려한 LAW77 멀티스케일 디자이너와 라디오스 간의 직접 커플링 라디오스에서 플라이 기반 모델링 직접 지원
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